What would you do to fit in?

River would do anything but be herself.

The_GracesShe and her mother have recently moved to a new oceanside town. Her mother is mostly an absentee sort of mother. This leaves River free to pretty much do as she pleases. In which case what she pleases the most is to try and get in good with the Graces.

The Graces are a sort of elite family in the town. They are rumored to be witches. Their 3 children all attend River’s new school. Fenrin and Thalia are the slightly older twins. Summer is the same age as River and in the same grade. They are all teenagers. The other kids either want to be friends with the 3 or are slightly afraid of them.

River would do just about anything to become friends with the Graces except be herself. She develops a crush on Fenrin, the boy half of the twins. But, she doesn’t want anyone to know because that seems to be a certain way to get on the outs with them. So, she acts very carefully as if she doesn’t care.

Summer and River form the closest bond of all of them. River tries very hard to be whatever Summer wants her to be. This is in contrast to the way the 3 Graces repeatedly say that they share everything and don’t lie to each other.

River becomes sort of an anti-hero in the way that she creepily pursues friendship with the Graces. She puts on such a front that when she changes a little towards the end of the book,  you can’t trust that she is really being herself.

Magic is an issue in the book. Fenrin, Thalia, Summer, and River all try to do magic with mixed results. Is it real or is it just going through the motions and coincidences?

The pace of the book is mostly slow and steady. It picks up closer to the end. There is a twist to the ending that I didn’t expect.

Still, I liked the book despite its slow action. I read on to see what River would do in her efforts to fit in. And I wanted to know if she ever got what she really wanted. I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars.

This book is considered to be a YA title. It’s due out September 6th 2016 from Amulet Books.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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