The Hunter of Memories is Herself Being Hunted

castinangelfireMarion is a 19-year-old mage according to Dr. Lucas Flynn. Half witch and half angel, she is a powerful magic user. But, she doesn’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital including how to use her magic. Someone has stolen her memory. And someone has set assassins on her trail. Dr. Flynn seems to be the only one she can trust and is willing to help her find her way home.

First, I liked Marion and felt sorry for her. Then I didn’t like her so much when she seemed to remember being arrogant and bossy. As the book went on, she became more human again and I felt sympathy for her and wanted her to succeed in her goals. The stakes for her success or failure turn out to be high.

This is a fast-paced urban fantasy book set in a world where angels, fae, demons, vampires and more are real and struggling to cohabitate. The characters are developed and more continues to  be shown regarding their personalities and depth as the book goes on. This is true especially for Marion and Lucas. This book shares the setting with several other series that SM Reine writes. This book can be read without reading any of the others, but it might be appreciated more if you’ve read at least one or two books from some of the other series.

Cast in Angelfire is book one in the Mage Craft series. You can read an excerpt on the author’s website here. It was released March 13, 2016 from Red Iris Books. The second book in the series, Cast in Hellfire, will be released April 3, 2016 also from Red Iris Books. SM Reine also has an excerpt from book two available on her website here.

I would recommend this book if you enjoy urban fantasy with shapeshifters, fae, vampires and more. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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