Murder in a Bordello – a review of Lowcountry Bordello by Susan M. Boyer

lowcountry_bordelloWhat if your friend thinks she has found a body in the house she shares in ownership with her Aunt? And what if your investigation is complicated because it turns out the house is a bit of a high-class bordello?

That’s exactly the situation Liz Talbot finds herself in the fourth installment of the Liz Talbot mysteries, Lowcountry Bordello. One week to go to her wedding, Liz and her fiance agree to look into it if for no other reason than to keep her bridesmaid, Olivia, out of jail.

Things get complicated as they investigate the residents of the house and their sponsors. They especially get hairy when they are trying to establish a timeline for the night of the murder so as to figure out who could possibly be responsible. The plot moves along at a steady pace for most of the novel, picking up as it gets towards the end of the book.

You have the same clues that Liz and Nate have including the information provided by Colleen the friendly Stella Maris protective ghost. The ghost could have been overused as a way to get information and manipulate people, Susan M. Boyer has established rules of conduct for her that keep her from revealing too much thus making Liz and Nate work for the bulk of their information.

Some people might call this a cozy since it is a southern small town mystery even though Liz is a private investigator. It has its share of interesting secondary characters.

I gave this mystery 4 out of 5 stars. It’s well written and has its humor and charm.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.



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  1. I like your review style, LJennison. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

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