Bad Girl Turns Teacher in Girl Meets Class by Karin Gillespie

Miss Tony Lee Wells is a mess. Ever since she hurt her wrist derailing her tennis career she has been wallowing in sin-   drinking like crazy and acting slutty. She hits bottom when she is arrested for public drunkenness. Her Daddy informs her aunt of her misdeed and disappears on a business trip. Her aunt confronts her and cuts off her previously unlimited funds. Aunt Cornelia isn’t totally heartless. She offers Tony Lee a deal. If she can hold down a job that challenges her for a year then she can have her inheritance early.

Tony Lee hunts all over for a job and ends up with the Teaching Corps. They place her in an inner city school in a special ed. classroom. She thinks this teaching thing will be a breeze. And if that isn’t a recipe for some kind of disaster, I don’t know what is. I used to teach high school and I could see some of what was coming, but not all of it. Tony Lee has those that help her and those that detest her.  Her coworker Carl is among her supporters and wants to see Tony Lee after school for a little extracurricular activity. The principal wants more from Tony Lee too, but in an underhanded academic sense. Her inheritance, her beau, and her job are on the line.

Girl Meets Class is well written. I enjoyed the humor and watching the evolution of Tony Lee as the book progresses. I had a little trouble suspending my disbelief at first because of some of her choices when it came to the classroom, but then I realized she was even more clueless than I was when I started teaching. She is attending classes through the Teacher Corps at night to learn how to be a teacher.

The characters were well drawn and the story moved forward at enough speed to keep me turning the pages. This book would probably be categorized as chick-lit with southern humor. It’s due out September 8, 2015 from Henery Press.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion.


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  1. To see the story behind the book, check out this blog entry by Karin Gillespie at Henery Press

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