Finn and Cade – best friends in all kinds of weather

100_sideways_milesIf we all measured time the way Finn Easton does, then we would all qualify for frequent flier miles.Finn regularly calculates how far he would have travelled distance wise during a period of time and uses that instead of the amount of time passed. 100 Sideways Miles is a slice of Finn Easton’s life at the end of his junior year of high school. In just that short period of time, Finn and his best friend Cade Hernandez, manage to do school, hang out, get girls and even become heroes.

Finn has a good sense of humor and of the absurd. Cade is a good match for him because he is opposite to Finn in so many ways. For example where Finn is reserved and an introvert, Cade is outspoken and a leader. Finn is also an epileptic and has uncontrolled seizures which he describes beautifully. Their adventures together range from the everyday at school to the desert, and to a crazy rainy day.

Why did I like this book? Finn is a unique main character. I liked that he wasn’t a cookie cutter male YA character. Neither was Cade, but he was closer to being what we often see lately as male YA characters.

It’s kind of a slow introspective book for the most part. The real action occurs in the last part of the book.  I liked the characters so much, that I didn’t mind the way it progressed.

The book has a sweet ending. I gave it 4 stars.


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