“Oui Chef. There is always the gruyere.”


This is the introductory short story to a new character in culinary mysteries, Chef Maurice. At present the short story is free for your Kindle. The first full length novel, Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle, will be released in April.

This short story introduces us to Chef Maurice, his long suffering sous-chef Patrick, and Chef’s friend and food critic Arthur Wordington-Smythe. It is Patrick that is speaking in the quote that starts this blog entry.

Chef’s response: “Chef Maurice fancied he heard a hint of sarcasm in his sous-chef’s last comment. It was a puzzlement to him how Patrick could possibly find fault with the forty-kilo wheel of cheese currently dominating the tiny walk-in fridge- both in terms of mass and lingering smell.” (7% on my Kindle)

“Then there was that incident when a slamming door had dislodged the wheel from its perch above Patrick’s head and nearly caused the restaurant’s first cheese-induced fatality. Even so, these were minor quibbles when compared to the truly unsurpassable quality of this fine piece of fromage.” (9% on my Kindle)

Chef has a new man delivering his fish. Inside of one of the fish, there is a carved wooden fish with a badly spelled request for help. Chef is all for ignoring it, but his friend Arthur, the food critic, is more willing to investigate. Together they head off for the seaside for Fish and Chips and to find the wooden fish’s owner.

The story has a gentle sense of humor about it that makes it a pleasure to read. It’s an excellent introduction to the world of Chef Maurice and his friends.

Check it out. And if you like it, the novel about this most trustworthy Chef will be out April 7, 2015 by Purple Panda Press.


“They say one should never trust a thin chef. By this measure, Chef Maurice was very trustworthy indeed.”


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